20 Sukumvit 31 (Soi Sawasdi), Bangkok, Thailand

Tel. 02 662 0325


Morning coffee/afternoon tea

Croissants with jam 75฿


*Scones with jam and cream 105฿


*Coffee/tea set: 250฿

Selection of sandwiches, scones and premium tea

Deluxe tea set 320฿

Selection of scones, sandwiches, tea cakes and premium tea

Daily menu and price list for May 2017

Appetizers and snacks

Trio of bruschette 150฿

ขนมปัง ปรุสเกตต้า หน้าต่างๆ

Mini-quiche with spinach and mozzarella 95฿


Fried mozzarella with tomato sauce 120฿

เนยแข็งมอสซาเรลล่าชุบขนมปังทอด ซอสมะเขือเทศ

Ham sandwiches 100฿


Cheese sandwiches 100฿


Smoked salmon sandwiches 145฿


Chicken sandwiches 130฿


Toasted ham and cheese sandwiches 120฿

แซนวิชปิ้ง แฮมกับเนยแข็ง

Soup of the day 100฿


Trio of soups 120฿

ซุป 3 อย่าง

Main courses

*Pork pie with mixed salad and chutney (served cold) - available by prior order only150฿

พอร์คพาย สลัด ชัทนี่ย์

*Chicken pie with mashed potatoes and chutney 175฿

พายไก่ มันยี ชัทนี่ย

*Steak and kidney pie with mashed potatoes and chutney 200฿

สเต็กแอนด์คิดนี่พาย มันยี ชัทนี่ย์

Oxtail stew with mashed potatoes 385฿

สตูหางวัว มันยี

Ox tongue stew with savoury rice 385฿

สตูลิ้นวัว ข้าวผัดเนย

Lasagne 280฿


Spaghetti bolognese 280฿


Spaghetti vongole 280฿


Spaghetti marinara  280฿


Spaghetti with anchovies, sausage,capers and olives 280฿

สปาเก็ตตี้ปลาเค็มกับไส้กรอก เคเปอร์ และมะกอก

*Penne alla carbonara 280฿

เพนเน่ซอสครีม ไข่ เนยแข็งเบคอน

*Penne with blue cheese, pear and walnut sauce 280฿

เพนเน่ซอสบลูชีส ลูกแพร์และวอลนัท

*Roast chicken on savoury rice  190฿


Caesar salad 185฿

ซีซาร์ สลัด

Roast chicken salad180฿


Mixed salad 100฿


Austrian boiled beef with apple and horseradish sauce 380฿

เนื้อตุ๋นออสเตเรีย ซอสแอปเปิ้ล ซอสฮอร์สแรดิช ผักโขม

Pan-fried lamb chops with mint jelly 485฿

เนื้อแกะทอด เยลลี่สะระแน่

Halibut with lemon cream sauce and potato 300฿


Braised lamb shank 495฿


Chicken nuggets with french fries 160฿


Cumberland sausages with mashed potatoes 280B


Apple, blueberry or cherry crumble with custard 115฿

*Baked bananas “Cafe cassia” 115฿

กล้วยหอมอบ “คาเฟ่ แคสเซีย”

*Sticky toffee pudding  115฿

สติกกี้ ทอฟฟี่ พุดดิ้ง

*Panna cotta with strawberry or chocolate sauce 115฿

พานนาค้อตต้ากับซอสสตรอเบอรี่หรือ ซอสช็อคโกแลต

Brownies with vanilla ice cream 125฿

บราวนี่ กับไอสครีมวานิลา

Ice cream 75฿


**We serve Dolce Vita Italian ice cream freshly made by Giuseppe Messina

Standard flavours are:

Tahiti vanilla, pistacchio, hazelnut and coffee

We also have Thai coconut ice cream ไอศกรีมกะทิ

New ice cream flavours: rich chocolate with almond chunks, gianduia,  pear sherbet

Tea and coffee

We use freshly ground Oro espresso italiano coffee beans

A choice of decaffeinated coffee is available

Espresso  95฿


Café americano 105฿


Café macchiato  95฿


Cappuccino 110฿


Café latte 120฿


Hot chocolate 70฿


Iced coffee 65฿


Iced tea (old Thai style) 60฿


Green tea with milk and honey 65฿


Iced lemon tea65฿


Lipton tea 70฿


Selection of  premium teas 90฿


Special blend teas 110฿

Fruit smoothies 95฿


Ice cream soda85฿


Herbal drinks 70฿


Strawberry/peach smoothie with yoghurt 105฿

Ginger and green apple soda 120฿

Virgin mojito 150฿

Regular mojito 180฿  

Mineral water and soft drinks

Singha 25฿


Coca Cola, Sprite and other soft drinks 30฿


Soda water 25฿


Coke Zero35฿

House wine

Old world wine

Red - Maison Tardieu Laurent Cote du Rhone Les Becs Fins Rouge 2013

A full-bodied red with hints of plum, blackberry, violets and spice 

1,250 baht. Glass 250. Small carafe 425.  Big carafe 700

Red - Masciarelli Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC 2012

A dry medium -bodied red with the scent of cherries, spice, tobacco and licorice that blend together perfectly, and a finish of tannins and red fruits

1,000 baht. Glass 200. Small carafe 360. Big carafe 580

Red - Tenute Folonari Santa Martina Toscana Rosso IGT 2011

A delicious blend of Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, this is a fine red displaying rose, cherry, licorice and spcie flavours, with firm tannins

1,000 baht. Glass 200. Small carafe 360. Big carafe 580.

Rosé - Proprieta Sperino Rosa del Rosa 2013

85% Nebbiolo, the noble grape of Barolo, has been gently pressed and co-fermented with Vespolina and Croatina.  There is a hint of wild strawberries and mignonette blossoms, and a solid core of red fruits on the palate.

1,250 baht. Glass 250. Small carafe 425.  Big carafe 700

Rosé - White Shiraz

A prize-winning wine from Hua Hin Hills Vineyard with hints of red fruit and tropical aromas, it is the perfect accompaniment to white meat, spicy food and as an aperitif.

1,000 baht. Glass 200. Small carafe 360. Big carafe 580

White - Agricola Punica Samas IGT (Bianco) 2014

A medium-bodied refreshing white from Sardinia.

1,000 baht Glass 200. Small carafe 360. Big carafe 580.

White-‘Lungarotti’ Pinot Griglio Bianco dell’ Umbria IGT 2009

Dry white wine from Umbria with great structure and good density, it is straw yellow in colour with greenish reflections.

Good with antipasti, seafood, pasta and cheese dishes.

1,000 baht Glass 200. Small carafe 360. Big carafe 580.

White-‘Pasqua’ Soave Classico DOC Villa Borghetti 2007

Pale straw yellow in colour, this dry wine, made from Garganega grapes from the Soave region northeast of Verona, has an intense floral nose with clear hints of wisteria, together with bananas and pears.

1,000 baht Glass 200. Small carafe 360. Big carafe 580.

White–Orvieto Classico 2012 DOC

Fresh and fruity, a perfect accompaniment to seafood and light pastas

1,000 baht Glass 200. Small carafe 360. Big carafe 580.

Sparkling - Montelliana – Prosecco Extra Dry DOC

Dry sparkling wine from Treviso. Good as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to seafood and light pasta dishes and with dessert

1,000 baht Glass 200. Small carafe 360. Big carafe 580.

  1. *Recommended

A service charge of 10% will be added to the bill

Cassia Treehouse Restaurant offers a huge variety of cakes and pastries, freshly made by our Cordon Bleu-trained chef.  The selection changes regularly, and can be ordered for dessert, and also to take away.  We are also happy to make cakes and pastries to order for special occasions.  Please click here to view some of our repertoire.

Cakes and pastries


English breakfast 280฿

Eggs, sausage,bacon,toast,baked beans and tea

*Coddled egg (in special porcelain cup) breakfast 200฿

Scrambled eggs served with smoked salmon,toast, marmalade and tea 280฿

Vegetarian dishes

Vegetarian moussaka 80฿

มูซากา เจ

Fettucine with porcini and mushrooms 260฿

เฟตตูชีเน่ เห็ดพอร์ชีนี่


Singha 80 ฿

Chang 80 ฿

Heineken 80 ฿

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New latitute wine

Red –‘Bin 5’ Mont Clair Reserve (Cabernet Sauvignon) 2007

Medium dry with rich flavours, peppery finish and a hint of ripe plum in this lightly oaked red wine, blended from South African Cabernet Sauvignon grape and locally bottled by Siam Winery. Drink it on its own or with meat and cheese dishes.

White – ‘Bin 6’ Mont Clair Reserve (Chardonnay) 2008

Fresh, dry white wine with notes of citrus and tropical fruits, blended from South African chardonnay grape and locally bottled by Siam Winery.

Good as an aperitif and ideal with sea food, poultry or vegetarian dishes.

Bottle 600฿

Large carafe (1/2 bottle) 350฿

Small carafe (1/4 bottle) 200฿

Glass 110฿